canalzone brussels

This map shows a gpx trace, a kml trace and a dot


This map shows a gpx trace, a kml trace and a dot
1 icon 50.851827 4.345909

Urban ArtFarm rooftop garden
UAF 2012
internal link: urban-artfarm-2012

2 icon 50.855010 4.342087

OKNO rooftop garden

3 icon 50.858785 4.347151

Kaaitheater rooftop
bee monitoring project

4 icon 50.868692 4.345606

Community garden Tour & Taxis
edgeland Thurn & Taxis

KML icon icon KML track: mtb
GPX icon icon GPX track: hardlopen gpx
KML icon icon GeoJSON track: test.gso

1. Urban ArtFarm rooftop
2. Okno rooftop
3. Kaaitheater rooftop
4. Community garden Tour & Taxi

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