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 {{gallery>::​sound_beehive:​streamingsound}} {{gallery>::​sound_beehive:​streamingsound}}
 +Today we were working on the sound streaming. We will make a separate setup (realtime streaming) from the initial audio setup (scientific experiment setup), so that we don't overload the former one.
 +The idea is to put an additional soundcard (Focusrite) of 8 channels. With this setup (2 soundcards) we can add some microphones but we can also recuperate some audio streams from the other soundcard for streaming in realtime.
 +We add 2 electret microphones and I install them left and right in the hive entry, on the basic level. Vincent adds splitters to the 4 existing electrets, and also to 2 existing piezo'​s. For the new electrets we add 2 pre-amps in the rooftop cover.
 +In total we will stream 8 channels, but I can modify at any time by disconnecting the channels that I don't want to stream.
 +The stream out is a USB connection. We will connect this to the Raspberry from which we will send the stream. As this new Raspberry will be located outside, on the hive, we need a long USB cable to connect the Focusrite output, and this without loss. Therefore we found an '​active'​ USB cable which should transmit all data without any loss.
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