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 ---- ----
 +Bacteria are everywhere.They create living pieces of art, e.g. the Rock Paintings : bacteria keep their colors alive.
 +Pieces of art where the bacteria MAKE the piece (the design, the colors, the structure).
 +This can be induced/​controlled/​manipulated via nutrition and monitoring of temperature/​humidity conditions. Many bacteria and Lichens get their food from the air, and following they create:
 +- Reflection, light dispersion
 +- Luster, absorption, grating, polarisation
 +- Patterns, changing colours (mix different strains of bacteria to become different colours)
 +- Patterns will differ relating to different matrixes, variable growth medium
 +- Chromatics, optics
 +- The study of materials
 +Cyanobacteria are the beginning of life. They are oxygen producing.
 +Bioplastics with bacteria:
 +- With seaweed /agar agar (as a substitute for gelatine)
 \\ \\
 =====growing Janthinobacterium lividum===== =====growing Janthinobacterium lividum=====
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