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 {{:​panopticon:​panopticon-old.jpg?​182x250|}}{{:​panopticon:​panopticon.jpg?​250x250|}} {{:​panopticon:​panopticon-old.jpg?​182x250|}}{{:​panopticon:​panopticon.jpg?​250x250|}}
 +The Panopticon: a metaphor for the observation beehives.
 +The IR cameras that we installed inside the broodbox can be compared to the greek god Argus Panoptes, the giant with the 100 eyes.
 +Over the bee-season, we collected dead bees at the entry of the beehive. We've archived them in an Eppendorfer tube, classified by date. The eppendorfer tubes are sealed and they are stored in a jar filled with honey collected by these bees.
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